New Book Written in Memory of Jaida Cumberland


Jaida’s cousin, Bailey, has recently written a children’s picture book inspired by Jaida’s spirit…

Gerbs in the House: Jaida’s Here

Be Courageous. Laugh. Embrace Your Uniqueness. Spread Joy. This is the story about Jaida; a friendly little caterpillar with a powerful message. A surprise visit to Mocha and Petri’s dollhouse leads the three to an everlasting friendship. Each day is filled with a new memory, until the day that Jaida stops coming to visit. As Mocha and Petri begin to accept the loss of their friend, they soon learn that Jaida’s greatest lesson has yet to come. Gerbs in the House: Jaida’s Here is a friendly children’s story about love, life, loss and transformation, inspired by Jaida Cumberland.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Jaida’s Challenge.

Purchase your SIGNED copy online through the publisher, Gerbil Meets Mouse Publishing. Shipping is FREE in Canada!:

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