The Jaida’s Challenge Alternative Funding Program have been established to assist families with meeting unique equipment and support needs that their child or children are encountering. Here are some of the ways the foundation has assisted local families: · We have assisted families to purchase equipment that helps make their children’s day to day lives more comfortable and safe. · We have funded transportation for kids that need to get to therapy but do not have any way to get where they need to be. · We have assisted parents who need to attend education sessions that relate to their child’s disability. By subsidizing care for their special needs child while they are off learning what they need to know, we help them provide their child every advantage possible. · We have provided funding for drug therapy not covered by OHIP. · Jaida’s Challenge has also assisted families that find themselves in crisis in hospital by helping with sudden and unforeseen expenses · We have helped fund wheelchair accessible vans for three families . We provided $28,000 in Covid-19 Emergency Funding to 28 local families. Jaida Cumberland Memorial Grant .  The Jaida Cumberland Memorial Grant has assisted two local students currently studying in fields that will ultimately lead to them working with children with special needs.  One of them is enrolled in a Developmental Service Worker program and the other is working towards becoming a Speech Pathologist.  The Jaida Cumberland Memorial Grant is awarded annually in partnership with the CLASS Board of Directors.