Emily says Thank You for your Generosity!


Emily is 15 and a half years old and has a rare genetic disorder called complex hereditary spastic paraplegia. This affects how Emily’s brain sends messages through her nerves resulting in her having very limited function and feeling to her limbs. Emily has used a power wheelchair since she was 4 years old. The wheelchair weighs 450 lbs and is Emily’s sole source of independence. Emily likes to go grocery shopping with her mom and with many doctors visits a wheelchair van is a necessity in their lives. Emily is half of mom’s height and weight so even if it wasn’t for the heavy wheelchair mom still wouldn’t be able to safely lift Emily in and out of a regular vehicle. Thank you all for your generosity and helping families just like ours get the steps closer to a wheelchair van.

Emily and family
emily 1 emily 2 emily 3

So, what do you think ?